World-class museum exhibit design & fabrication

Museums are where great storytelling and fabrication come together. Over four decades we’ve collaborated on hundreds of interactive exhibits at history, science, and children’s museums—as well as many others. Clients pick us for quality custom museum exhibit fabrication, exceptional project management, and our domain expertise in creating unique children’s museums, experiential sports environments—among others.

Below are six case studies that highlight our range and depth of experience.

Excellent partners—and no surprises

The best way to create a winning museum exhibit from design to installation—whether it’s a science center, children’s environment, or corporate visitor center? It’s creating a collaborative partnership with all the key exhibit stakeholders. Our track record of building lasting client relationships and partnerships is all about our trusted coordination and communication process. We preserve your museum exhibit design intent, your budgets, and, your deadlines.

Part of our success is our comprehensive pricing approach. We give you all-inclusive bid packages, so there are no surprises or extra fees later on. Simply—we minimize surprises and exceed your expectations.

It’s like this: we’re a partner you can trust, from day one through exhibit opening and beyond. It’s that simple.

Collaboration and Teamwork Experts

Chicago Scenic’s museum industry veteran, Jim Mallerdino, reflects on how collaboration is critical to successful results.

The museum would not have ever been able to open without Chicago Scenic’s ability to manage such a large and complex project, and the amazing quality of work that your shop provides in the execution of building out and making real every one of the exhibits in our space.

Carey Cranston, President, American Writers Museum

We bring the team

CSSI works with proven museum exhibit designers and architects to fabricate and install engaging environments. What’s key here is to enable visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in the passion and history of their favorite museums and spaces. When museum exhibits are designed and created well, they’re engaging and there’s something for everyone to explore—the messages are clear, colorful, interpretive, durable and intuitive.

The success of your institution’s exhibit success requires many proven partners. And in our 40 years of business, we’ve developed a broad database of partners who have delivered time and time again.

So, whether your exhibit designs include simple mechanical interactives for a children’s museum or the reproduction of complex scientific principles that will withstand your institution’s throughput, we bring the team.

CSSI makes us feel like a partner in things rather than just being hired to do one job. They think of things that I don’t. They brainstorm ideas. The likelihood of me referring them is a 10 out of a 10.

Sr. PM, Museum of Science and Industry

Museum exhibit fabrication geared to your audience—and budget

A successful museum exhibit stands up to its audience’s interaction—but that definition varies depending on the audience and the type of exhibit. Science museums and technical centers with annual throughputs in the millions demand materials, engineering, and fabrication techniques that are practically bullet-proof.

We collaborate with partners and clients to use methods, materials and approaches that deliver repeatability, reliability and durability. That means your complex interactives will stand up to a crowd and graphics will retain their vibrancy. Children’s museum exhibits and community library environments are a different story. Their life-span is much shorter, but their durability requirements are just as important.

We are adept at selecting and integrating the durable and proven child-friendly materials and finishes. Being proactive in identifying issues before production is a skill inherent to Chicago Scenic Studios. It’s all about kid-friendly solutions—using rounded edges and avoiding pinch-points, using kid-proof materials and safe amusement-grade paints. No matter what your challenges, be assured that we will deliver custom solutions that match your audience and your environment. And we’ll preserve the integrity of your museum exhibit design, budget, and timeline.

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