Studio sets that win audiences & awards

Our teams of design-build specialists work across the evolving TV and film landscape—with TV set design and fabrication for clients ranging from Oprah! and the Big Ten Network to in-house corporate broadcast studios, professional sports media centers, local television outlets, game shows, and award-winning webcasts.

TV set design still has the same challenges—whether you’re doing a traditional broadcast or an innovative narrowcast online. You need to entice people to tune in and stay on. Content is king—yes—but the studio set, game show set, sports or news anchor desk plays a critical role.

Take a spin through our highlight reel of client solutions—

Great broadcast set design puts you in the action

Broadcast sets succeed when they put viewers in the action or quite literally set the scene. A great set draws you in so you feel you’re at the game, in the broadcast booth, or in the middle of the story. There’s usually a fairly basic formula for getting a broadcast set right. It should help define a show’s identity and also make sense intuitively. But the set has a supportive role—the goal is to support a show’s content, not compete with it.

Our design-build teams collaborate with clients on initial concept development through construction completion and studio set installation. Details are key—as is lighting. Design features can include hard news main anchor area and informal stand-up “locker room” for multiple show line-up and flexibility, custom drop-down graphic panels, color shifting LEDs, internally lit lightbox walls and A/V technology.

I rank their industry experience very high - a 9 out of 10. What they do really well is seeing a project all the way through in a really tight timeframe.

VP Production, Big Ten Network

Webcast studio sets: technology drives viewing opportunities

Changes in technology have also driven dramatic changes in the choices now available to consumers. And two things have driven most of that change: the web and better high definition cameras at affordable prices.

High quality cameras are now reasonably priced and attainable; just a few years ago, they were selling in mid five-figure ranges. That dramatic change in cost has made entry into broadcast much more reasonable.

The other big change came via the internet. Broadcast outlets were once limited by the number of licenses available. But the internet has opened up virtually unlimited webcast opportunities to anyone with a studio, a few good ideas, and ambition.

Delivering content via webcasts is an attractive and affordable tactic in content marketing strategies for many companies—everything from financial corporations to sports franchises.

Webcast studio sets can win awards. Ours have!

More and more companies see webcasts as more than a single marketing opportunity. They look at them as vital, interactive tools for extending the brand beyond the usual outlets and reaching new customers. We jumped on the webcast studio set design bandwagon a few years ago, via design-build opportunities with Peter Provost, one of our long-time design partners and head of Provost Studio.

We’ve teamed with Provost on a number of studio sets, from BTN (Big Ten Network), a studio that manages to get more camera angles out of a studio than we’ve ever seen; to the Chicago Bears Halas Hall Broadcast Studio, featuring a gorgeous anchor desk and an expansive and memorable studio set that’s seen often on national outlets.

Our latest collaboration with Provost Studio was the William Blair Investment Studio, winner of this year’s NewscastStudio Set of the Year, Webcast.

That’s our second NewscastStudio Set of the Year, Webcast. Our first winner was the design-build collaboration on the Chicago Magazine/Red Eye Set for Tribune Media.

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