Corporate Branding & Events

We all know it—where and how you get the brand out there involves more than same-ol’ same-ol’ trade show booth design. The buzz word of the day is experiential—and don’t forget that other one: immersive. From corporate event design to stage installation to permanent branded environments, Chicago Scenic specializes in creating environments that communicate your brand’s identity to your consumers or audience.

Get customers to interact with you at corporate events and trade show booths. Allow them to experience your brand through your company’s corporate environmental design. Produce special events and memorable event design to bring your brand face to face with consumers. How can you immerse customers or prospects in something related to your brand—or specific products, services, etc.?

The answer is always through creative thinking, and a good dose of magic. Pull together a team of leading trade show booth designers, exceptional environmental corporate event designers and shrewd architects. Then add construction specialists and artisans from Chicago Scenic who will make it all happen—under one very large roof.

We take your dreams and make them real, while keeping a keen eye on budgets, timeframes, and expectations. Here is a selection of challenges we’ve helped clients address:

They’re great communicators by staying in touch and answering questions as they surface. Super responsive.

Technical Director, Disneyland Resort

Branded environments speak for you

Trade show booth or permanent corporate environment—this space is going to speak for your brand for a good long time. It needs to be right.

Your brand environment needs to work hard. It needs to engage internal and external audiences, deliver the brand values and attributes that make your company what it is today, and bring it into the future. It needs to communicate your message in a credible way and educate and inform audiences about your firm’s story today and your aspirations for tomorrow. Ready to start talking with our branded environment and corporate design specialists?

Here are some ways you can benefit:

  1. Bring a fabrication partner on early and we’ll help detail and engineer, and assist with setting guidelines to keep projects within budget & schedule.
  2. Avoid the client euphoria that evaporates when you find out your designs don’t match your budget.
  3. Get more project for less money when you establish early relationships with your designer and fabricator.
  4. Enjoy a holistic team mentality—it doubles everyone’s efforts.

Partnering with Top Brands

Agencies and brands look to Chicago Scenic for fabrication excellence that’s both full service and fast-turn. Learn more.

Corporate meetings that will make your boss smile

Your boss has just given you a plum assignment - the big quarterly meeting. It needs to be organized, memorable, fun, and perfect. First, you need a venue. Need some help? You need an experienced corporate event design partner who will deliver the creative concept, the stage design, and the laundry list to pull it off. And here we are, specializing in:

venue selection
Stage design and seating plans to comfortably accommodate your crowd
interactive corporate events
Events that keep your audience engaged
staging, lighting, a/v & project management
Organize the team and seamlessly conduct the event
food & beverage service
Service that complements your product but isn’t the main event
logo & product placement
Insuring your product is front and center
Keeping your product message top of mind

Events celebrate your brand and your customers

Sports events, confetti cannons and parades, corporate events of all kinds. They need to be put together flawlessly and fast and come down just as quickly. We’re your partner for permits, crowd control, security, lighting, dependable A/V systems, staging, controlled entrances and exits. And porta-potties!

No surprises, because we keep communication flowing both ways, all the time. We manage compromise, we start the hard conversations, and we make sure challenges are met head on. Let’s talk rough sketches and ideas you’re floating around. Is it crazy? Is it buildable? Can this happen in 3 days? These discussions are the beginning of a great relationship.

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