Just a scenic shop? Not!

Our proud roots are in building theatre sets—but over more than 40-years, we’ve done it all—from event design and management, to sports facilities, theme parks, and the design and fabrication of entire museums. We’ve also done more than our share of trade show booth design, stage design, stage installation, set rentals and more. You name it—we’ve designed it, fabricated it, and done it with passion. Chicago Scenic’s experience is global, but our roots are in the American Midwest. Once a modest scenic shop, we’re now housed in a giant 165,000 square foot facility in Chicago.

You could probably land a small plane in our mammoth headquarters. Chicago Scenic’s heartland DNA is found in company values that guide our work. We’re deeply collaborative, relentlessly customer-centered, and driven to exceed expectations.

Sometimes we drive each other crazy just on that last one alone. But enough about us—for now—let’s talk about you: How can we partner on a solution for you? Take a minute and page through some examples of our work across a broad spectrum—

From start to finish, our performance—and our reputation—are measured by
how we meet and exceed your goals. We expect nothing less.

Designing solutions

Over four decades, we’ve helped design and build thousands of dynamic and challenging solutions with a variety of clients, designers, architects, and GC’s. Every project has this challenge: If you build it, will they come? Our answer is yes, providing everything comes together at the right level—from vision, concept, and storyline to sketches, renderings, prototypes.

Ultimately the final product must exceed your expectations—that’s where we excel. At minimum, you have a vision or an idea. You might need us to help design the best solution—or to assist you in selecting the best design partner. You might even walk in with a design ready to go. Once the design successfully matches your vision and goals, our technical designers produce construction drawings and prototypes to test and refine. When necessary, they also test for structural viability and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Their work is magical. There is nothing outside their toolbox when it comes to solutions. There are no companies that can do what they do.

Senior General Manager, Brookfield Properties

Making it real

Chicago Scenic has extensive experience in the engineering and fabrication of spaces, from museum quality exhibits to themed environments, technologically demanding interactives and broadcast studios to sports performance arenas. Our team has worked closely with many prominent partners and their in-house or design teams on a broad range of projects.

When it comes to fabrication and construction, you’re in good hands with our seasoned teams of maker-geniuses. Depending on your unique project, our creative team will be comprised of many different craftspeople experienced in a broad range of skills, including carpentry, metals, electrical and automation, scenic painting and soft goods.

In addition to a team of artisans with degrees in theatre, visual arts, and other creative vocations, your project team could also include visual and dimensional designers, engineering and construction detailing specialists, and subcontractors for additional project requirements. Take a look at our certifications & industry associations.

Chicago Scenic is both a UL and ETL certified fabrication facility and a licensed General and Electrical Contractor. We belong to a multitude of industry associations that underscore our ongoing commitment to professional, quality work performance.

Managing your project

We like to say that getting a project across the finish line involves the doers supporting the dreamers. We’ll tell you that our project management is first class—but please don’t just take our word for it. You’ll hear it from our clients too—like this, in an excerpt from a client testimonial: “What they do really well is seeing a project all the way through in a really tight time frame.”

We approach all our projects as a collaborative team effort. We have vast experience working as part of multidisciplinary teams, including fabrication, mechanical interactives, repair and refurbishment of scenic elements, and other project specialties.

Our teams work with owners, creative designers, curators, architects and general contractors. Our skills include working with partners in both temporary and permanent installations, major site redevelopment projects, and creative “one-off” events to launch products and build brands. And no matter what the need, we understand the intricacies of scheduling and coordinating site processes and procedures.