Beyond set design and construction

Chicago Scenic is the 40-year innovator of immersive, powerful experiences that delight people and get them talking.

As a longtime scenic fabrication and design studio, we’re a unique mix of collaborative storytellers, producers, designers, maker geniuses, project managers, and much more. Our wide experience includes everything from the design and fabrication of museum exhibits to set construction, scenic construction, and exhibit installation for corporate branding and events, museums, theatre, and TV/Film. Learn more about our work.

Chicago Scenic: Maker Geniuses

We bring a ‘get it done’ practicality grounded in our roots in the American Midwest—and fueled by four decades of expertise addressing thousands of challenges. Learn More.

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Their ability to scale is off the charts. They do stuff we’ve never seen before or they’ve never done before and they do it well. They do their research and have knowledge like I’ve never experienced. I’d score them a 10 out of 10 when it comes to the value of their solutions with them.

Sr. Producer, Leo Burnett Advertising