Chicago Scenic’s mobilator offers you the ability to remote-control your next automation move.

Move 6,000 pounds across a flat floor wirelessly with just the push of a button. Mobilators are able to travel a path and concurrently rotate the vehicle. Your vehicle will perform complex maneuvers seemingly without a driver in place. Mobilators are equipped with four robust onboard batteries.

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WEIGHT: 1,850 lbs
Rated weight capacity: 6,000 lbs. (distributed)
Dimensions:  65” x 65” x 9” (without attachments)
Run time:  1.5 hours @ full charge
Batteries: 4 x 10AMPs deep cycle
Average charge time: 4 hours to full charge (charger is on board, requires a 20AMP circuit)
Maximum speed: One foot per second (projected)
Rotation speed:  3 rpm (projected)
Wireless control: 100’ clear (no obstructions)
Site requirements: Forklift to load/unload from truck; forklift or crane to lift unit off storage frame
Operation: Simultaneous tracking and rotation, tracks forward and reverse, performs zero degree turn