Computer Controlled Systems

Simple touchscreen control of this powerful computer-controlled tool is configurable to run up to 600 mechanical axes, including turntables and winches, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, A/V equipment, lighting, pyrotechnics and other special effects.

The CS Control system is dependable & easy to use with a high degree of precision. It has a highly stable operating system & environment through industrial PLC and HMI with a wide diversity of controllable mechanical components and can be monitored or run virtually anywhere an Internet connection is available. It is easily expandable and configurable peripheral modules and integrates with all competitors’ inventories of mechanical electrical components.

Ethernet communication between modules means easy set up and tear down and expandable network routers make custom reconfiguration quick and easy. Remote programming management and technical support available.

CS Control


15" HMI touchscreen
Onboard PC with redundant control and remote support
Uninterruptible power supply
Fully expandable network hub/router
Onboard e-stop and status indicators
Road case is small – 28" x 32" x 60" with wheels – great for touring.


4 hydraulic axes
10 remote e-stop positions
10 discrete inputs
10 discrete outputs
Small size – 28" x 22" x 23" – packed in road case, fits snugly above main rack


Autofollow cue can be set from beginning, end or as timed variants
Advance automatically
Feature remote execution through discrete switch inputs or through SMPTE time code
Includes engineering support when you need it

Mini-8 System

CSSI developed the Mini 8 System as a “mini” CS Control System. It’s perfect for customers with smaller needs—and smaller budgets— and provides precise positioning and consistent reliability. Designed to integrate into a customer’s pre-existing stock of machinery and drive components or CSSI can provide those components. Includes 24-hour technical support.

capabilities:   Base model controls up to 8 axes of motion simultaneously with distances scalable by inches, feet, degrees or metric. Designed to control AC inverter drives, DC drives and proportional valves based upon a +10VDC to -/+10VDC speed and direction reference. Can easily be reconfigured to accommodate a 0-10VDC control with a switchable direction reference. Can be controlled individually or by groups of like machines performing a tandem operation.
OPERATING SYSTEM:PLC based (no Windows operating systems)
INTERFACE:15” touch-screen HMI user interface
CUES:Auto-advance cues, auto-follow cues, executed based upon position and cue timing is calculated during entry so users know exactly how long a cue will last before it is executed
stops:Nearly limitless, remote e-stop stations can easily be patched into the system
TRAVEL LIMITS: Users can configure a variety of limits within each axis of motion.
dimensions:24”x 24”x 24” case, fully portable


The add-on Mini 8 Plus controls an additional 8 axes. Up to 7 add-ons will control an additional 56 axes for a total of 64 axes.