Project Spotlight

The Mascot Hall of Fame is finally FUR-real!

A hearty congratulations to all of our fellow collaborators on the team that helped create one of the most unique museum experiences around: the Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting Indiana. And hats off to Whiting and Mayor Joe Stahura, who was the main driver in luring the museum to anchor the city’s resurgent lakefront zone.

The museum is the brainchild of David Raymond, founder of the Raymond Entertainment Group and a former mascot. Raymond was the original Phillie Phanatic, the official mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies, from 1978-1993. The Mascot Hall of Fame opened in late December after four years of planning, design, and fabrication.

Chicago Scenic collaborated with Raymond and the Cincinnati attraction design firm, JRA, on the 25,000 sq. ft. facility that features state-of-the-art exhibits, activities, and events that celebrate the unique appeal and fun of mascots.

Our team of fabricators spent six months building the seven exhibits that make for a highly interactive and fun family-oriented experience – each of which features a fun, playful name including Fuzzical Education, Fureshman Orientation, Science of Silliness, Marvelous Mascot Maker, Mascot Studies, The Furry Arts, and Frankenfur’s Mascots.

Additionally, we built the two unique stores on site – a gift store and a build-a-bear experience. The project also involved Chicago Scenic managing subcontractors for digital interactives, graphics, specialty flooring, speciality painting, and decorative inflatables.

The museum is geared toward 8-13 year olds, but is truly a place the whole family can enjoy. And, you guessed it: The Hall of Fame has its own mascot: Reggy, the purple party dude!

Credits: Design by Jack Rouse; Project Management (Jim Mallerdino and Doug Peer), fabrication and installation by Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc.; AV and Media Partners include Trivium, Northern Lights, and Electrosonic.

The Mascot Hall of Fame is finally FUR-real!