Speaking Up for Museums Everywhere

In a time when many individuals and groups look to make their voices heard, here’s an effort we can really get behind: Museum Advocacy Day, which is coming up fast on February 25 – 26.

We can all agree that the museum community has a lot to offer – whether you work in the industry as a museum exhibit designer, are a frequent museum visitor, or you’re overdue for a visit to a local science or children’s museum.

Museums today are dynamic and ever-changing, with wide offerings that range from interactive exhibits to group competitions, Hollywood-caliber videos to theatrical replications of historical moments. Museums Advocacy Day reminds us of how vital it is that museums continue to thrive.

This month, many of our museum colleagues and friends across the country will travel to Washington D.C. to participate in two full days of issue briefings, advocacy training, networking, and visiting legislators’ offices on Capitol Hill. They will be joined by representatives from the industry’s esteemed professional association, the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). Participants will encourage federal legislators to continue federal funding and preserve key tax incentives that will help our museums maintain their significant programs and contributions.

Chicago Scenic is celebrating our 40th anniversary; and we’ve been working on museum exhibit fabrication for nearly half that time. Our collaboration with museum clients is always an enriching experience, challenging us every time to up our game. Museum-quality exhibits and their lifespan – as much as 30 years or more – demand a whole new approach to fabrication strategy and exhibit durability.  

Museum exhibit design professionals occupy a unique role – and they’re among the most creative problem solvers out there. Few people work as hard – along with advocates at educational institutions – to ensure that communities are educated, entertained, engaged, and exposed to STEM and STEAM classes and careers of all kinds.

Here’s something else about Museums Advocacy Day: You can support the museum community effort, even if you’re not an active participant in the museum community.  

 Join the conversations on social media. Visit to learn more. Urge your state and national representatives to support museums across the country. Their programs and services are crucial to developing and maintaining our cultural, technological, and educational museum environments.

Make yourself heard – support the vital role that museums play in our lives!

Speaking Up for Museums Everywhere