William Blair Investments Broadcast Set Debuts

In collaboration with designer Peter Provost from Provost Studios and Jim Skival from Production Craft, Chicago Scenic Studios recently completed the new webcast set for William Blair Investments. The webcast set was a part of the company’s rebranding and new location experience.

“ In William Blair’s former office, participants would stand in front of someone’s desk to do a report or story,” said Ross Hamilton, project director for Chicago Scenic. “Now they have new corporate offices and state of the art news set to support their professional broadcast efforts.”

The 400 square foot set features a rotating night and day Chicago cityscapes and panels that flip and move to create doors. A unique feature to this set, says Hamilton, is that the set is on the 37th floor. Panels were built to keep natural day light out but still leave adequate space to access the windows if necessary.

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