Vikings Broadcast Studio: A Game-Changing Environment

Chicago Scenic Studios, under the scenic direction of design firm Provost Studio, fabricated and installed the new 1,750 sq. foot TCO Studios broadcast set for the NFL Minnesota Vikings. Chicago Scenic also worked with Lighting Design Group for lighting design and infrastructure, and Primeview Inc., for the on-set AV technology.

The studio set is divided into four sections: the main anchor desk and wall for traditional broadcasts, an informal area for more relaxed content, a social/ interactive area featuring an 86-inch touchscreen, and a stand-up area equipped with three vertical screens.

The goal of the TV set design and construction was to feature cutting-edge technology that showcases the team’s vast video content. Chicago Scenic built the main anchor desk and platform, monitor wall enclosure and platforms, flooring, stand-up position and social media area. Additionally, Chicago Scenic crafted lighting arrangements and light boxes for each area.

Fan engagement is critical to the success of any major league team, and the new studio aims to provide Vikings viewers with insider access, while maintaining typical broadcast techniques.

“There was a heavy amount of drafting involved on this project,” Project Manager Angelo Petratos said. “It’s all about being able to bring the designer’s vision to life through our fabrication capabilities and successful collaboration.”

Many aspects of the studio were new challenges to Chicago Scenic, including customizable signage capable of accommodating myriad advertisers and sponsors. Incorporation of technology into the space was also unique; the touchscreen monitors act as more than a focal point providing hosts the ability to break down plays, highlight important moments and visibly interact with images of the game.

The scenic pieces were fabricated in the Chicago Scenic facilities, shipped to Minnesota after completion, and a crew of 8 team members, lead by Juan Arriaga and Jason Jones, completed the installation.

Chicago Scenic drew on their vast history in fabricating broadcast studios to successfully complete this project. That history includes the award winning webcast studio recently completed for William Blair Investments.

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