The Crowd Goes Wild for Mascot Hall of Fame

The new museum in Whiting Indiana draws rave reviews—and it’s just getting started.

The Indianapolis Star has called the Mascot Hall of Fame.... “a piece of Disney right in Indiana” and “…the furry version of Cooperstown.” That’s very impressive coverage for a museum that only opened for visitors in December 2018.

A hearty congratulations from Chicago Scenic to founder and museum visionary, David Raymond, mayor of Whiting, Joseph M. Stahura, and the excellent Hall of Fame team.

Why mascots—and why a hall of fame? The museum is Raymond’s brainchild and he’s pursued the vision for 14 years. Chicago Scenic is also giving a shout-out to our fellow collaborators on the museum—including the talented people at JRA, the Cincinnati attraction design firm that we partnered with on the 25,000 sq. ft. facility.

The Mascot Hall of Fame features state-of-the-art exhibits, activities, and events that celebrate the unique appeal and fun of mascots for sports teams. The central idea behind the Mascot Hall of Fame is a fictional Mascot University to teach guests about mascots and how to become a mascot.

The university concept also helps educators meet STEAM requirements. It’s a win-win: The museum incorporates STEAM principles into as many exhibits as possible to teach kids important lessons through play and to support educators in meeting local curriculum requirements. Kids may think they’re just having fun in the moment, but they’re also learning and being exposed to important ideas.

Chicago Scenic’s team of fabricators spent six months building the seven exhibits that make for a highly interactive and fun family-oriented experience—each of which features a fun, playful name including Fuzzical Education, Fureshman Orientation, Science of Silliness, Marvelous Mascot Maker, Mascot Studies, The Furry Arts, and Frankenfur’s Mascots.

Mascot Hall of Fame Credits: JRA (design); Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc. (project management, fabrication and installation); Trivium, Northern Light, & Electrosonic (AV/Media), Charlie Simokaitis Photography (photos).

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