PBS NewsHour with President Obama

When PBS NewsHour announced its impending interview event with President Obama in Elkhart, Indiana, designer George Allison called upon Chicago Scenic to help set the scene in just one week.

To create the intimate interview setting in Elkhart’s Lerner Theatre, the Chicago Scenic crew worked around the clock gathering steel deck from our vast rentals inventory and building and inserting custom-fit ‘plugs’ of deck to create the curved risers. Bright red carpet was laid down to create aisles.

Six white columns, representative of the iconic white columns at the White House, stand on the perimeter of the stage. Chicago Scenic worked with graphic specialist Moss to produce the four graphic banners bearing PBS’s logo. Those were attached to custom-fit flats and mounted in between the columns.

One of the most prominent elements on stage was the custom-printed circular rug – also provided by Moss – on which the President and PBS interviewer Gwen Ifill sat throughout the event.

Chicago Scenic also provided the chairs for the viewing audience, as well as the white chairs and tables in center stage. 

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