Passionate. Gifted. Hard-working. Funny. Beloved.

We honor the memory of a longtime collaborator—and say a sad goodbye—to our colleague Mark Goeke, who passed away unexpectedly just before the December holiday break.

Mark was a 30-year veteran of Chicago Scenic. He was a gifted carpenter with deep experience in creating compelling experiences—from award-winning museum installations to cruise ship escape rooms, Christmas holiday experiences, and everything in between.

There is so much to say about Mark’s work, but mostly we remember him as a dear friend. He had a big, warm personality—Mark was an extrovert in a field that typically draws introverts. And we loved him for it, especially his well-timed jokes and his dexterity with different accents. It was a good day at Chicago Scenic when Mark took to the PA system to announce something in a Scottish brogue or a Southern drawl.

Our hearts go out to Mark’s family and friends—many of whom are Chicago Scenic colleagues who will miss him beyond words.

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