Mosquito Awareness Bus Shelter

As the Zika Virus continues to pique awareness across the globe, a Mosquito Control Team in Chicago created a campaign to help prepare and educate downtown commuters.

Chicago Scenic was called upon to help create the visual campaign, which was perched on top of a JC Decaux bus shelter in a high traffic area.

The completed mosquito was a work of art, meticulously sculpted and painted. Chicago Scenic Metals Department created a steel armature consisting of the mosquito’s eight legs and a frame for its body. The body was hand carved from foam, then fiberglassed, sanded, and painted. Its wings were custom-made from fiberglass and securely attached to withstand wind and rain.

Chicago Scenic conducted hours of research before creating the mosquito so as to make it look as realistic as possible, down to the curves of its body and size and position of its eyes. 

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