Lyric’s Anna Bolena

When the Lyric Opera of Chicago presented Anna Bolena at the Civic Opera House earlier this year, Chicago Scenic was pleased to provide key scenic elements, including the dramatic piece pictured at far right. Not only did this piece serve as the royal bedchambers for Anne Boleyn and her lady-in-waiting Jane Seymour, it also accommodated the king’s throne (pictured at right). And, when the back of the bed unit was removed, a new panel attached and the bed was transformed into a prison cell.

The royal bed unit was 8-feet tall, nearly 10-feet wide, and 10-feet deep, and came with a bigger-than-king-sized mattress that was sewn in Chicago Scenic’s Soft Goods Department.

Chicago Scenic’s carpentry crew also created the Opera’s portal, a 56-foot wide and 39-foot tall structure that included 28 colorful, dimensional rosettes. The rosettes are shown in production at right.

Chicago Scenic Project Manager Stefan Koniarz worked closely with the Lyric Opera’s Technical Director Michael Smallwood on the scenic elements for this successful production.

Anna Bolena 01Anna Bolena 03Anna Bolena 05