Lincoln Dealers’ Meeting

The Summer 2016 Lincoln Dealers’ Meeting at the Las Vegas Wynn Hotel gave Lincoln Automotive its annual opportunity to showcase the company’s innovative and technological skills. It did the same thing for Chicago Scenic, as our crews met the challenge of hanging giant frameless glass panels and showcasing our automation technology in several very different ‘reveals’.

On either side of the meeting’s 200-foot stage, crews used chain motors to lift the oversized glass panels; together, they weighed 1,500 pounds. Behind the panels were white laminate walls covered with three dimensional back lit ‘badge’ shaped icons that mimic the Lincoln logo.

Another reveal at center stage featured three-dimensional projection mapping onto a custom silk that covered a concept car. Projection mapping requires such a perfect surface that Chicago Scenic included Soft Goods Manager Mark Botelho as part of the team that traveled to Las Vegas.

In addition, Chicago Scenic’s mobilator—which is more commonly used in press reveals to wirelessly and remotely move cars—moved a baby grand piano on and off the stage while a pianist accompanied the show’s vocalist.

Chicago Scenic’s shop crew of four plus Project Manager Stefan Koniarz spent ten days onsite to make it all happen during the two day dealer meeting. “It was a challenge to orchestrate the multiple reveals and automation, not to mention raising and lowering the glass panels onstage,” Koniarz said.

Terry McClellan of Scenographix designed the set. Chicago Scenic’s client was Gail & Rice; we worked with Bob Iverson, their senior vice president, and the meeting’s Executive Producer Kathy Hodges.

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