Indian Trails Public Library Kid Zone

Northwest suburban Wheeling’s new Indian Trails Public Library now also features a new Kid Zone that opened this spring and was an instant hit.

The Kid Zone was part of the district’s $14.4 million renovation sand brings the one-of-a-kind experience to Wheeling residents since the nearest public children’s interactive space is 30 minutes away. 

The new library was designed by Product Architecture and Design and the 2,500 sq. ft. play area was engineered and fabricated by Chicago Scenic Studios.

One of the Kid Zone’s main structures is a Lego house where children can build Lego structures on one side of the house that reach all the way to the house’s roof. Another feature is a giant light-brite wall where children place colored, translucent sticks into a light board. On another side is a dry-erase-magnet wall with gear magnets that lock together and spin. The house’s interior features an art station where craft classes are held with a sink area for easy cleanup.

Included in the Kid Zone is an interactive overhead ball run. The ball run is highlighted by a custom-made auger which lifts balls 10 feet and sends them through various tubes, of which are over 50 feet long which connect the three other Kid Zone’s areas. The balls exit at 2 locations where the kids can collect them and place them back into the system.

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