Harvest to Home

In partnership with Peter Hyde Design and the St. Louis Science Center, Chicago Scenic Studios managed the design and fabrication of a new interactive exhibit at the St. Louis museum called Harvest to Home, which engages visitors to learn about food processing.

Using corn as an example, visitors can participate in hands-on interactives to physically experience steps in food processing, such as: pour, roll, grind, sift, spin, mix, and cook.

The process involved the team meeting for a design charrette to brainstorm concepts and develop ideas to ensure that the final design and content met the project’s learning goals. After that, a prototype was shipped, tested, and evaluated to improve the visitor experience. Several design iterations and a client shop visit guaranteed that when the exhibit was installed, the client was confident the final outcome would be a success.

The design of the exhibit was optimized for groups and has two stations for visitors to select a product, guess at the food processing steps, activate each step, and then learn if they were correct or if they should try again. While each interactive is being activated by the visitor, color coded-LED pathways along the wall light up to visually indicate each player’s progress.

CLIENT: St. Louis Science Center, TEAM: Peter Hyde Design (design), Chicago Scenic (project management, fabrication, & installation)

Harvest To Home 1Harvest To Home 2