Customer Experience Focus for McDonald’s Gallery Walk

Chicago Scenic Studios, under the direction of Kindle Communications, recently constructed a unique meeting space for McDonald’s.

Between the months of February and May, owner/operators, corporate employees, partners, and senior leadership of McDonald’s traveled to Chicago from all over the world.

The objective was to attend presentations on McDonald’s long-term growth strategy and learn about the company’s innovations focusing on the customer experience. Attendees spent time in small group rotations and gathered together in the centralized meeting area that Chicago Scenic created.

For that meeting area, Chicago Scenic built a light and sound booth under a set of stairs and created a 24-foot-tall LED wall that curved into the presentation stage. Designed by Johniene Papandreas, the curved screen was a free standing structure. Because of that, custom supports were built to adequately brace the LED screens and the curved portion of the back drop.

In addition to the items built, CSSI dressed the meeting area with seating for 120 people, decorated the windows with custom vinyl prints, and coordinated lighting effects with lighting design firm Lightswitch.

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