Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

The City of Chicago and Cubs fans everywhere were happy to skip work, school, and daily routine in order to be part of the Chicago Cubs’ 2016 World Series Championship celebration.

Chicago Scenic shuffled its crew’s schedules in order to work overnight and create the stage and three-tiered press riser for the noon celebration—just 36 hours after the Cubs won Game 7 in Cleveland.

Chicago Scenic Project Director Gary Heitz and Carpentry Department Head Andy Lemerand oversaw the site crews. Heitz worked with Artistry in Motion in California to fly in 24 confetti cannons overnight.

Those confetti cannons shot off 720 pounds of red, white and blue confetti along the parade route and at the Hutchinson Field Rally.

Skies were blue and the sun was shining for this memorable celebration as Chicago turned out in record numbers (5 million people according to some sources) to finally cheer on their hometown heroes.

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