Cubs Hats on Lions Heads

Following the Chicago Cubs’ Saturday night victory in the NLCS game six, the lions that guard the entrance to the Art Institute of Chicago were fitted with Cubs hats to celebrate the win.

Chicago Scenic’s crew installed the custom hats early that Monday morning, to the delight of many fans. Chicago Scenic was able to get the hats installed so quickly because the hats were actually custom-made in 2015, says Chicago Scenic Project Director Gary Heitz.

“ We made them a year ago when it looked like the Cubs might go all the way,” Heitz said. “But they didn’t, and the Art Institute has a firm policy— ‘No hats until a team goes all the way.’”

The four-feet long and three-feet wide hats are custom-made to each lion’s specific head sizes. (Trivia note: the south lion’s head is smaller than its partner’s head.) Moldable fabric covers the baseball-cap shaped steel armature, and a hard coating provides the hat’s durable surface. The hats are lined with upholstery foam to protect the sculptures and provide a snug fit.

Cubs Hats