‘Bracket Genius’ Game Show Airs

Chicago Scenic Studios was able to get in on the March basketball hype this year by designing and building the broadcast set for InterSport’s new game show, “Bracket Genius”.

The show featured 16 three-player teams from different colleges and universities that were also participating in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Using a bracket elimination style, teams answered random trivia questions to score the most points and move on to the next round of games.

Chicago Scenic worked with Designer Amy Jackson, who has worked with Chicago Scenic on the Steve Harvey Show and Oprah, to build the 1,200-square-foot, 13-piece set. According to Project Manager Angelo Petratos, the set was designed to expand as the show grows.

In addition to scenery, Chicago Scenic was responsible for programming the show’s gaming systems. That programming enabled InterSport staff members to control the contestants’ ability to use their buzzers in between takes, so if contestants were fidgeting with their buzzers, they wouldn’t go off and need to be reset during the show.

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