AT&T Winter Window

​With branding agency Twenty Four 7, Chicago Scenic Studios built and installed a winter window front set for the AT&T store front window on Michigan Avenue.

The winter scene included a snowman in his living room enjoying a beer in an AT&T blue chair, his faithful snowdog by his side, watching HBO on AT&T’s cable network.

The snowman and snowdog were carved out of EPS foam; the snowman’s “coal” eyes and carrot nose were made from wood, as were the snowdog’s “coal” eyes and nose.

According to Chicago Scenic Project Director Gary Heitz, both figures were carved by hand with just a sketch to refer to. What made this even more difficult, Heitz added, is that the snowman needed to fit in a specific chair provided by Twenty Four 7. Chicago Scenic’s team reupholstered that chair with custom AT&T blue color fabric.

The living room set featured windows with custom vinyl applique on the glass depicting a snow covered woodland and an electric fireplace.

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