40 Years: Insights and Ideas

This is a special time at Chicago Scenic: We’re celebrating our 40th year in business. Turns out, we’ve learned a whole lot over four decades and serving hundreds of clients. We’re packaging some of those ideas into a little book that will be ready soon—stay tuned! Meanwhile, here are just a few:

Great teams—not lone wolves.

It’s a fact: more innovations come from teams and groups than from a lone genius. Excellent collaboration is essential—great teams are fueled by people working together effectively. Excellent project managers are key—and the best of them know how to help a team surface great ideas and balance competing interests, budgets, and client demands.

Build the best team: More heads are better than one.

Kids are tough customers.

Nothing beats kids when they’re engaged and having fun. But the biggest challenge in creating for children is this: Kids explore everything and they don’t hold back. They put things in their mouths, they put things in their ears. They smell, they taste—they push it, spin it, turn it, bang on it. Exhibits and installations for kids have to stand up to all that—and more.

Building it for kids? Take your worst fears about making things last and multiply them times 10.

Science, with a side of art.

When it comes to interactive children’s exhibits, today’s focus is all about STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math). Starting with those principles provides the meat of the interaction. Add the magic of theatre and ensure that the exhibits are intuitive and you create an engaging opportunity that children will enjoy and revisit.

Combine science, art, and theatre for powerful and engaging results.