News Nation Launches!

Quiet on the set!

Those might be the last words heard tonight in the sparkling new studio at WGN America as the seconds tick down before the launch of News Nation, the cable network’s new national prime time newscast that debuts at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central.

And what a set it is. Chicago Scenic collaborated with the design firm, Clickspring, for the fabrication and installation of the News Nation newsroom and studio sets at WGNA's Chicago headquarters.

Here’s what to look for tonight: A gleaming new broadcast studio set featuring large-scale scenic elements that allow for camera angles and great backdrops—with state-of-the-art broadcast technology incorporated throughout.

“We wish everyone at WGN America a great debut broadcast tonight – and of course we’ll be watching,” said Doug Pokorny, Project Director at Chicago Scenic and our lead on the News Nation project. “They are a great client – and the Clickspring design is superb. We are honored to be part of tonight’s slice of broadcast news history.”

The News Nation launch is drawing wide attention in media circles and beyond. Check out these two articles:

The Chicago Tribune looks at the launch of News Nation as maybe the next CNN.  

And the Los Angeles Times explores how the national newscast is targeted at viewers who want news delivered “opinion free”.

News Nation will air on WGN America every night for three hours, beginning at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central.


News Nation Launches!