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Making Magic with Metals

Something caught our eye recently – an article in The Atlantic magazine – about an organization called Women Who Weld, which is focused on recruiting more women into the welding profession.

There’s a shortage of welders in the United States and women are chronically under-represented in the field. Women Who Weld wants to change that by training hundreds of women a year to, among other things, have a passion for working with metal.

We have our own incredible woman who welds at Chicago Scenic – Beth Smith, who leads our Metals Department – and who has unlimited passion for the field. Beth trained as a sculptor and her entire demeanor lights up when she talks about using her skills to pull off incredible feats for our clients.

Versatile – and an Art Form

Materials – like metal – matter a whole lot around here. Whether we’re tackling the set design and construction for a huge corporate event or trade show display, or in exploring event design ideas for a broadcast studio set, the choice of materials is critical to arriving at solutions that work.

Metal is one of the most versatile materials we work with – and it’s often the unsung hero in many projects. It serves as the workhorse support system for giant walls or rotating turntables at automotive events. It’s also the underpinning for enormous stages and their companion rigging systems.  

There’s another side of metals and welding, too: the material can be elegant and the finishes beautiful. In the hands of Beth Smith and her team, museum artifact cases double as art pieces.  

Beth’s 25-years of experience in metals – and her deep understanding of what the material can do –produces pieces that are protective and enduring. Her production skills are nothing short of elegant – producing perfect seams and high finishes that fade into the background.  

We caught up with Beth on the shop floor to capture her passion in her own words. If you guessed that she’d be a tad reluctant to toot her own horn, you’d be right. But anyone who works with Beth – including dozens of clients – can attest to her hard work ethic and genius with metal.


Hear Beth in her own words in the two video clips below.

Making Magic with Metals

Why Metal Matters

Making Magic with Metals