Calling all great ideas!

What ideas do you have about life, work, and everything in between that you're just BURSTING to share with the world?


We're collecting great ideas to become part of our next presentation 60 great ideas in 60 minutesIdeas can be of general interest or geared to the museum industry - your pick. 

A few ideas we've received (the 10 second version)...

-Want to make sure what you just wrote makes sense and is easy to read? Read it out loud. (Pets are eager listeners.) If you're tripping over words or sentences, chances are your readers are, too.

-Tired of taking your outdoor holiday lights down every January? Consider an RGB light box that can make your light display festive all year long. Never climb a ladder again. 

-Want to maximize your small museum space? Consider vertical exhibits that make the most of empty wall space. Make a pocket park in a low traffic area. Or consider cutting an interactive in half. A curvy play table, for instance, maximizes visitor access and cuts costs.

What's YOUR idea? If we share it in our next session, on our website, or on social media, we'll give you full credit, of course.

Send your ideas to or call 312.274.9900 and ask for the Great Idea Women in Marketing!

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