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Getting Creative When Designing Projects

Chicago Scenic creates environments, corporate lobbies, and trade show booths all year long.  When speaking with our clients about design, some know exactly what they want while others aren’t quite sure where to start.

Here are some considerations about where to start!

It’s All About the Branding

When you think about what you want your design to look like, think about what your brand looks like.  What are your company colors? Are there shapes you consistently use in your designs? Are there unusual or fun ways to incorporate your logo into your designs?  Everything from the walls to the food you serve represents you and reflects your business.

Know Your Budget

Having all the coolest, latest tech and biggest, tallest booth is pretty impressive, but it’s also expensive.  We work hard with our clients to get the most out of their budget, and fulfill their vision within their budget needs. Explore Alternative Materials Just because something looks like a certain material, doesn’t mean it is. There are many techniques out there – faux finishes, scenic treatments – from the way things are treated to how they are painted to give the illusion you want for less.  These techniques may make pieces lighter for travel and, in some cases, less expensive!

Incorporate Interactive Activities

Are people grabbing your swag and moving on?  Give them a reason to stick around such as touch screens or hands-on games to win your swag. Those moments of interaction offer the opportunity for conversation, and may help you identify ways your company can meet their needs.

We have solutions that engage.  If you need help conceiving your next big business venture, email us at

Getting Creative When Designing Projects