Warehouse Operations Supervisor


  • Work with Project Managers, Technical Design and Drafting, and Job Leads in logistical forecasting including truck pack planning and loading, shipping details such as equipment and site conditions, crating
  • Stock Lumber Management
  • Assist Department Heads in scenery migration including flipping scenery from one department to the next, packing and storing, shipping, and loading. 
  • Assist in the management of logistics personnel to fill warehouse needs
  • Work with other departments in crating needs including building, pulling, and creating custom crates and carts. 
  • Analyze, manage, and mitigate risks
  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment
  • Effectively Communicate with other department heads to assist with various needs
  • Work with the Rentals Manager in bidding planning and custom opportunities
  • Maintain stock rental inventory specifically turntables and mechanical pieces
  • Lead smaller jobs as necessary
  • Assist in bidding as needed or directed by the Director of Shop Operations
  • Offer mentorship and expertise to inexperienced craftspeople to ensure organizational growth and quality.
  • Any additional tasks as requested by the Director of Operations


  • Strong leadership skills
  • Ability to delegate tasks
  • Experience packing and shipping custom scenary, equipment, or similar items
  • Ability to travel occasionally for job specific tasks


  • At least one year’s experience as a warehouse supervisor, shop foreman, or similar management role. 
  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree or occupational training preferred

Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:

  • Extended periods of walking, standing, and lifting
  • Moderate periods of prolonged sitting, bending, kneeling, and reaching
  • Ability to lift to 50Lbs 

Please send your resume and salary requirements to hr@chicagoscenic.com.