Director of Sales

40 years young Chicago-based scenic fabrication and creative solutions provider seeks to hire a dynamic Director of Sales. This is a brand new position, so the right candidate will wear many hats.  

Questions you might ask them:

Q: Why is a 40-year old company looking to build a sales department now?

A: Until recently, the company has been able to manage sales with senior staff and project managers. Now, the company has experienced a significant increase not only in volume but in depth and breadth of projects. This increase keeps people who previously could put on the sales hat now focusing completely on projects, so necessity is the mother of invention.  

Q: Does the company have any sales structure or will it all be built from scratch?

A: Not totally. There is a robust CRM system in place keeping tabs on a ginormous database of prospects and clients for marketing, forecasting and the recording of copious notes. There are also weekly sales meetings and full access to a crackerjack marketing department. Best of all there is room to grow and improve for the right candidate.  

Q: What does it mean “wear many hats”?

A: The right candidate will prospect, sell and close while defining, executing and leading the right strategy to do the same with more staff. In other words, you’ll be building the car while you’re driving it.  

Q: Do specific sales goals exist?

A: Yes, and the right candidate will help to research, augment and achieve those goals.  

Q: Does the company attend trade shows regularly?

A: Yes! Currently the company attends and/or exhibits in over a dozen shows. They regularly appear on panels and are looked upon as innovators in their industry.  

Questions they will ask you:

  • Can you prove success not only in sales but in sales management?
  • Do you have experience in creative fabrication, trade show, exhibit production and the like?
  • Do you have measurable success finding and closing decision makers in many industries?
  • Are you comfortable working in multiple disciplines like TV stations, advertising and production
  • agencies, museums and architectural firms?
  • Do you enjoy working with passionate artisans and folks who have a sincere desire to do the right thing?
  • Are you ready to travel to near and far-flung places?
  • Do you like to make money?
  • Do you like dogs?

What is your story? Chicago Scenic is waiting to hear from you.

Please send your resume and salary requirements to