The theater needed a way to integrate its older electronics and machinery with the newer pieces of equipment rented from Chicago Scenic. CSSI saw the opportunity to offer theaters and other clients a smaller-scale control system, and so Mini 8 was born. The six-month development process produced a thoroughly tested, responsive and reliable control system.

The Mini 8, an analog system, is based on the digital CS Control, CSSI’s large-scale motion control system that can run up to 100-600 axes of motion, compared to the Mini 8, which runs between eight and 64 axes of motion. The Mini 8 has all the functionality of the larger CS Control since it uses the same software, and is able to run and control various mechanical systems, from turntables and winches to pneumatic and hydraulic systems. It can be easily programmed to interface with audio-visual equipment through SMPTE and practical lighting. Other features include time reference cuing, auto advance and auto follow.

Because Mini 8 is smaller, it also comes with a lower price point, making it perfect for smaller projects. Many organizations will find Mini 8 ideal because it can seamlessly work with older equipment as well as new equipment that might be added in the future. Its user-friendly interface (which comes with 24-hour technical support) vastly reduces staff training time prior to the system being operative. The interface is identical to CS Control, ensuring a seamless upgrade or combination.

Contact Rob Kovarik, 312-274-9900, to discuss automation and control rental and/or purchase.

Mini 8 at a Glance

• Small-scale analog motion-control system perfect for smaller organizations and budgets
• Controls eight axes of motion simultaneously and provides precise positioning and consistent reliability
• Integrates into a client’s pre-existing machinery and drive components or CSSI can provide those components
• Executes precise and repeatable cues
• Control machines individually or by groups of like machines
• Auto-advance cues, time referencing cues, auto-follow cues
• Nearly limitless number of programmable stops
• Three levels of travel limits: programmed internal limits; programmed ultimate limits; option of hard limit inputs
• Distance scalable by inches, feet, degrees or even metric measurements
• Touch-screen interface
• Can be incrementally increased in modules of eight through ganging
• Multi E-stop positions
• 24-hour technical support

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