Lincoln Dealer's Meeting

For the fifth year in a row, Chicago Scenic Studios created the set for the Lincoln Dealer Meeting with event management company Gail & Rice. The annual event took place at the Microsoft Theatre, home to the Emmy Awards and the American Idol Finales in Los Angeles.

In Chicago Scenic’s spacious new facility, a full staging set up was easy, said Project Manager Stefan Koniarz. “Our client wanted to be able to see the set assembled for a walk through. With our 120-ft. by 180-ft. set-up and assembly floor and 32-foot ceiling height, we were able to do a run through with no problem,” said Koniarz.

The 117-foot long set, designed by Terry McClellan, was built in four weeks, and took six semi-trucks to transport to Los Angeles. A crew of 21 people, from both Chicago Scenic and LA’s Local 33, worked in split crews over a 48-hour period to assemble the set. When the show was complete, the entire crew worked tirelessly over seven hours to disassemble and ship out the entire show.