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From the president on down through the organization, Chicago Scenic encourages and embodies teamwork. Since nearly everything we produce is custom, there is always an element of exploration, discovery and problem solving associated with the projects we undertake.

Designers and engineers work side by side so the transition between the two disciplines becomes almost seamless. The majority of Chicago Scenic’s shop employees have undergraduate and graduate degrees in theatre, a discipline that encourages collaboration in all phases of work. 

While shop employees work in areas of concentration, they also have broad-based experience and can transfer their skill set when workloads shift. While this is a practical approach to meeting deadlines, it also results in employees who have a greater appreciation for their coworkers’ talents.

Chicago Scenic remains devoted to the idea that we are never satisfied with the status quo. Employees at every level have a responsibility and a commitment to contributing to growth on
both a company and personal level.


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